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RadarOpus Manuals & Tutorial vdeos

Here you will find some interesting tutorial videos for RadarOpus and a manual including all tutorial video links.

RadarOpus version 2.2 was released with many new features:
Increased browsing speed thought Synthesis. Copy/paste the analysis to email or Word. A new certified Boenninghausen Pocketbook repertory  by Heiner Frei with a special Polar Analysis. Making repertory additions, make additions with MM links to the exact source. A miasmatic analysis module, many new provings and other MM documents, and many other software improvements.]

Fully GDPG compliant, the Family Finder of Anne Vervacke, and many more new options and modules.
Check out the full RadarOpus manual for all details and tutorial videos

Start to learn RadarOpus with these tutorials videos

RadarOpus manuals

Hahnemann Disease Classification (Ewald Stöteler)

  • Additional manual with tips to use RadarOpus with the Disease Classification (pdf version)


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