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RadarOpus Installation & Support

Find below the installation manual. It also contains information how you can import cases (saved clipbaords) and patient information from Radar 10.5.

If you have a problem with installation, please check also the mentioned possible solutions. If this does not work or it is too complex for you please contact us for help.

Installation manual

Attention: Windows users
Before you start the install program from Memory stick, Program DVD or Download', always temporarily switch of the virus scanner.
While installing, do not use your computer, wait until installation is ready

Attention: Mac users
The latest Mac OS version by default blocks the installation of any program which is not downloaded from the Mac-App Shop. Please make sure to follow the instructions in the install manual to allow also the installation of other software.

Other installation manuals

Personal support from your representative

Please contact your local Radar representative for support: View the contact tabs in the main menu bar

Technical Support Ticketing system

If your local Radar representative was unable to help you, click here to use the Support Ticketing system.
Besides your name and licente number, please give as much information about the program as you can
- which Windows or Mac version do you have
- which anti virusscanner do you have
- what exactly did you do already
- what was the exact error message that came, or what happened

The Archibel Technical Support Ticket system offers excellent support.
There is however a limited time frame in which this is free.